Sometimes our clients want to maintain confidentiality and anonymity and we wholeheartedly endorse that. One of our firm beliefs is that all too often every detail is too eagerly tossed into the public domain.

We treat all requests for advice and training with respect and discretion and absolutely understand that in many cases the desire for skill acquisition and personal polish is a personal desire and therefore a private matter.

Our training has been successfully delivered to a number of clients from a variety of professional backgrounds:

Businessmen and women, teachers and lecturers, clergy, actors, sales personnel, executives, receptionists, golf club captains, professional sportsmen, public speakers, hotels, leisure and hospitality staff and individuals wishing to enhance their interpersonal skills.

Our training has been evaluated as excellent and relevant and all clients have commented on the enjoyment factor.

At this time when we’re meeting people from all over the world, both online and offline, good manners are still the best, simplest and most effortless way to set all our communications and relationships on a sound footing. Marina is well qualified to teach good manners, she walks her talk, drawing not only on her own lifetime but also on times past when formal good manners – politesse – were the epitome of social standing, on which a civilised society was built.
Philip Snow, Director
Betley Digital Services

My husband joined a Society where social gatherings and attending events were necessary. I’m naturally shy but Marina helped me with things to say, my dining know-how and just to feel better about myself when meeting others and speaking. She was really lovely. Thank you so much Marina.
Very Happy Client.