In the Professional world  clear communication, a knowledge of etiquette and good manners are  a must. Polish, professionalism and good interpersonal skills can mean happy staff, customer satisfaction and, of course, profit.  In our personal life, special social occasions, formal events or even a return to work after a long absence can sometimes require a little finesse and confidence to enable relaxation and enjoyment. Politesse can help by providing specific skill training or a little advice, guidance and reassurance which can also go a long way.

Perhaps you would like to polish handshakes or make sure your dining etiquette is up to close scrutiny

Maybe you have to give an important presentation and would like to know that your speech is clear and your outfit appropriate

Would you like to upskill your staff in a specific area?

Are you returning to the workplace after a long break and want to give your confidence a little boost?

Whatever your challenge Politesse can help you to enhance your performance

Politesse Training covers a wide range of topics to individual clients, groups or businesses.

Here are some of the most popular modules

    • First Impressions and Personal Presentation

It is crucial that we present ourselves to the best possible advantage
How we look and how we say those first few words is so important.

    • Meeting People and Introductions

Leave a lasting impression and demonstrate your professionalism
Put yourself and others at ease.

    • Making Conversation and Communication Skills

Speak with clarity and confidence. Make conversation easily and master how to enter and exit a conversation gracefully.

    • Elocution, Accent Softening and Voice Improvement

Politesse does not set out to eliminate dialect or impose a restrictive style of pronunciation but to help speakers achieve fluency, clarity and confidence through a neutral Standard English Accent.

    • Telephone Clarity and Etiquette

The way in which we answer the telephone, transmit information or relay a message is crucial to the success of any business or individual.

    • Public Speaking

Speaking in public, formally or informally, can be a little daunting at times and we can help with preparation, managing nerves and speaking with clarity, warmth and purpose.

    • Interview Skills

It is so important to give the right impression and a performance you can be proud of in order to demonstrate your potential.

    • Reception Skills

Receptionists are vital to any business and deserve refreshing and appreciative skill polish.

    • Digital Etiquette

Often the first point of contact so it is important to use a polite and responsible tone and manner.

    • Effective Networking

Connecting with confidence and ease is important to every individual on a professional and personal level.

    • Hosting Events and Entertaining

Hosting can be a most rewarding experience, especially when the anxiety of wondering if something has been forgotten or is not appropriate is removed.

    • Attending Formal Functions

Very formal events are different to those hosted by individuals and can include elements of protocol and precedence.

Politesse training is not about observing dusty rituals but about empowering the individual’s personal, social and professional performance.

Booking Your Politesse Training

We are very happy to offer a personal ‘pick and mix’ advice and training so don’t be afraid of contacting us to discuss your needs. It may be that just a little of ‘this’ and ‘that’ is all you need to meet that business, personal or social challenge head on!

Training is usually delivered in two hour sessions which may be extended to half days or longer by arrangement with client.

Business Training
Small group sessions (1 – 15)

Large group sessions (20+) An interactive seminar type delivery.

One to One Training
Training is usually delivered in the workplace or at our Business Hub at Betley.
Where formal dining training is required and dependent on client needs, we may conduct the training at another appropriate venue.

Individual Clients
Training is usually delivered in two hour sessions which can be extended at the client’s request or dependent on training needs.

We are also able to offer Skype sessions where appropriate.

Training Young Adults
Particularly relevant for going on to Higher education and the workplace Politesse can offer training sessions in colleges, schools, universities or at our chosen venue for specific Training Events.

Schools and Colleges – it may be possible for us to deliver short communication, confidence and etiquette programmes around your specific educational needs or existing timetable.

We are also happy to give talks to groups, schools and institutions.

So do get in touch about your challenge or anxiety and together we’ll make sure you approach it calmly with poise and natural confidence that will help put everyone, including yourself, perfectly at ease.

‘I contacted Marina for help and guidance as I was facing an important career opportunity which involved giving a presentation. My sessions were so enjoyable, I felt more confident and happier with myself.. and… I got the job’
Ric, Professional Sportsman

‘When I was appointed Ladies Golf Captain I was thrilled but also a little intimidated. Giving speeches and hosting social events unnerved me a little. I felt so much happier after working with Marina and so pleased to find this training without having to go to London.’
Barbara, Golf Fanatic

‘Dear Marina, Thank you for the sessions you did for us. Every single delegate was positive about them – they spoke of your excellent delivery (in fact you get a ‘1’ in our grading terms, which is excellent).’
Head of Professional Development Cheshire College

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