OH! I SAY…….

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I say, I have just read that once more someone has objected to being called “darling” at a supermarket check out! Oh dear! Since all staff are trained to be friendly, warm and engaging (yes, sometimes a little too loquacious when all we want to do is pack our shopping and go home) and some retailers feel the use of ‘Madam’ etc., is too formal – what a fuss and nonsense to object to this term of endearment. To say that it is patronising is nonsense as the most it can be thought to be is vaguely irksome or over-familiar, perhaps, but even that is a bit of an overreaction.

In another time I remember when at my girls’ school a rather strict Maths Mistress would say to us – “Now go away and have another think about this, dear!”- we all agreed we felt, happy, warm, engaged, liked and actually wanted to work harder.

I would agree that the term ‘you guys’ frequently used by young service staff particularly in the food industry is an irritant and of course we hear of medical personnel, all too eager to use christian names regardless of permission and sometimes when deeply inappropriate, but the use of ‘darling’ in this way is neither trendily sloppy or carelessly disrespectful.

How much better the ‘insulted, deeply offended by such a term’ woman might have felt had she just smiled back graciously and said a pleasant “Thank you”. She might also have added “dear” too.


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